• "There is no rules to style, just good instinct. Style is
    soul deep. It is our most significant form of expression. People with style put their signature on everything they do: how they dress or decorate the homes, relax, travel, celebrate, dine, entertain, conduct business and any other element of life. It is how we communicate who we are to the world. It is the reflection of who we are, where we've come from and; what we want to say to the world around us. It is our Voice." - Rebecca

    "We want something unique, something we can call it
    our own. But yet—there are too many people wearing the 'right' clothes, wearing the 'same' clothes! Doing the 'same' things, doing the 'safe' things. Don't be afraid to explore, to play, to break things or make mistakes. Cultivate our five senses and soon our six will emerge—
    the 'Style-sense.' " - Karinedrew

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Adidas by Stella MaCartney Spring/Summer 2013 pastel sportswear

Crushed home some Candies.

♥ Love the range of candy colors by Stella McCartney this spring/summer 2013.

Free People Rocco Violet Dress and Blue Quilted Adidas Originals Jacket

What I wore yesterday?

This Spring Rocco dress I bought online from Free People looks too girlie for my comfort — isn’t my style! But hey, when I matched it with these Adidas Originals jackets — I’m all ready to go!

Sacai s/s2013 t-shirt yellow lace doll chic top

What I wore yesterday?

stole-my-heart Found a way to wear my Sacai top. Zucca boots + Grey shorts + Miffy Legging + Adidas by Stella McCartney Bikini top.

What I wore: Zara Navy Shirt Dress, Baby Blue Chiffon Skirt, Melissa Pink Bootie, Adidas by Stella McCartney ss2013 bikini top, Chanel Deauville Bag & G-shock Green watch.

What I wore yesterday?

Oh Happy Day! Happy Day!!! Happy with what I wore yesterday. Baby blue chiffon skirt &  Adidas by Stella McCartney neon bikini over my newly bought Zara navy sweat shirt dress. To complete the look, I putted on my Melissa pink boots, army green G-shock & my little Chanel Deauville bag. ♥

Moschino iPhone 5 Brown Bear phone rubber case

Oh present! It’s a bear!

♥ It’s a Moschino Bear for my iPhone 5!

DENIS GAGNON Black structured Maxi & Mini Leather, Linen Dress
Sacai ss2013 Black Contrast Dress and Zara Tan Leather Jacket

Shhh…secretly I flew in another Sacai, hee…

My Walk-in-Closet is full of shopping secrets. Shhh…hubby doesn’t know actually… Secretly flew in this lil black Sacai dress from Verona Italy, yesterday! And this is how I look like in my new Sacai dress — Nice? When I say that I’m in love with Sacai, I mean it.

Sacai Spring/Summer 2013 Lace Blue Shirt

What I bought on Sunday, is arriving today. Oh yes it’s a Sacai—again!

Woohoo…it has arrived. Opening up a present has always been exciting. It is even more exciting when the present exceeded expectation. Sacai Sacai, you have stole my heart!

Sacai SS2013 grey t-shirt yellow lace structured blouse

Smiling at what I bought on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a Sacai!

Lost-in-love with Sacai Spring/Summer 2013 I am so happy that Club21 kept this soft yet structured, boyish yet girlie Sacai t-shirt blouse for me.   All glad surrendering my March budget to a Sacai!

D&G round leather sling bag & Zara ss2013 light grey sweat doll dress
Red Valentino Fall 2013 Dress

How could I say No to these fairies from Red Valentino Spring/Fall2013?

Ooo.Ooo…this Spring & Fall 2013 Red Valentino dresses are so gorgeous! Okay, for all you dresses sake, I’m gonna to work hard — yes work hard — work hard trimming off all the excessive fats that I’ve somehow allow to accumulate in my holy temper!!! Ooo…I’m now much determine to shape-up!   More Red Valentino … Continue reading

Christian Louboutin Baby Pink Pigalle Patent Spikes Patent Flat Shoe

A divine exchanged took place over the weekend! Christian Louboutin vs Bali!

stole-my-heart Christian Louboutin S/S2013 Baby Pink Pigalle Spiky Patent Flat. A divine exchanged took place over the weekend! My dear hubby with his usual-sudden-burst-of-tasteful-sharp-vision has happily directed and led me into this flee-not-temptation — a pair of Christian Louboutin for a trip to Bali! Is it a worthy exchange? Hmm…should be Yes I guess. Yes, … Continue reading

Uuu...Shooop at Little Thing Magazine | Feature page

Uuu…are making me dying to go Hong Kong earlier this year!!!

Uuu…shooop at the Little Thing Magazine. Uuu…are making me dying to go Hong Kong earlier this year!

Chanel Pink Titanium metal plastic sunglasses

I think, I am ready to say bye-bye!

shop-my-closet Chanel pink titanium sunglasses One of my life’s goal is learning to let-go. And as for now — I think, I am ready to let-go of my girlie yet sporty pink Titanium Chanel Sunglasses.

Super Girls collection (Fashion) from Uuu...shooop

Collecting Super Girls in Hong Kong this April!!!

Uuu…shooop!!! Can you believe I am going to place a tailor-made order without giving them my measurements? Can’t help it, because I love both Yanny and Cheronna from the Super Girls Collection!!!

my Closet : Chanel Hidden Chain, Deauville, Bubble, Louis Vuitton Sunrise Denim, Celine Phantom, Mulberry, Miu Miu, Anteprima Sequin Bags,
Burberry Porsum | Leather Wool | Shoulder Bag

my one and only Burberry Bag.

♥ stole-my-heart The only Burberry Prorsum Bag that has willed my heart. Home sweet home with me for the passed many years!

resting both Cannodale and focus mountaion bikes on wet ground

It’s always a good time.

We don’t even have to try. It’s always a good time!

jeremy scott designs | Wings | smart-car fortwo

Jeremy Scott designs SmartForTwo Electric Drive

♥ Jeremy Scott designs Smart Car ForTwo electric drive. So cool! My next? I wish. photos via freshness.com

Magis 360º container, light grey.

My Magis 360º

♥ Our Magis 360 Container is here! It’ll save us some space in our new Loft!

Adidas Originals Medal Red Windbreaker Jacket (Bows)

Glorious Adidas Originals

♥ my-Workout-Closet Adidas Originals.

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