Regina Regis Rain Level Rainbow Boots

Regina Regis Rain Level Rainbow Colored Rain Boots

Regina Regis Rain Level Turquoise BootsRegina Regis Rain Level Dark Green BootsRegina Regis Rain Level Orange BootsRegina Regis Rain Level Red BootsRegina Regis Rain Level Purple BootsRegina Regis Rain Level Navy Blue BootsRegina Regis Rain Level White BootsRegina Regis Rain Level Black Boots

Regina Regis Rain-Level

Rainbow Boots


I am : In the mood : for storm

Flaunt in the Flood : Shine in the Storm
How can I not look forward to the next rain storm. I want to dance in my pair of Regina…

Always look on the bright side of life…

2 Responses to “Regina Regis Rain Level Rainbow Boots”
  1. Sarah says:

    are these rainboots available for purchase? i cant seem to find out how to buy them. i really want them!!!! help me :(

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