I am so glad. I found Sacai.

Sacai spring/summer 2012 runway
Sacai Spring/Summer 2012 indigo trapeze eyelet, sweater fronting dress.I am so glad. I found Sacai.
Day 3 |
Boring half a day in Macau; thank God,
the next half was intensively good.
Sacai—my 1st joyous discovery of the day.
This trapeze dress was cut in shirting,
with a trompe l'oeil cabled sweater fronting
the look to give it definition.
There was a great tension of the prim and
the sexy—the chic peekaboo of sweet eyelet dress
giving a PG glimpse of the briefs beneath.
As Abe said, "It's made in a complex way,
but it's easy to wear." — and I absolutely agree!
According to Style.com,
Abe's skill, honed over a decade.

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