Prada A/W2011 Aviator Goggle Sunglasses

Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 (Runway) Aviator-Goggle SunglassesPrada Autumn/Winter 2011 (Runway) Aviator-Goggle Sunglasses

Prada A/W2011 

Aviator-Goggle Sunglasses

I am : in the mood : to fly

The moment the models walked down the runway in this stunning Aviator-Goggle sunglasses—I was determined to get it. We flew to Milan—sadly we were a little early for their A/W2011 launch! But hey and yay…I got hold of it back home—a week before the actual launch!

  Model photos by Prada    Product photos by Karinedrew

2 Responses to “Prada A/W2011 Aviator Goggle Sunglasses”
  1. Cristine says:

    Woah, they are lovely, what colour are yours? looks like yellow?

    • karinedrew says:

      Oh yes, it’s yellow.

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